“Brian has been helping my mother to regain her mobility after her hip operation. He has been fantastic! He is so patient putting up with all her complaining and so positive and encouraging about her progress. She is walking much better now. Thank you so much Brian!”

Lisa Child

“Working with a personal trainer has greatly improved my confidence. I had tried running before but never got past 5 minutes without having to stop and gasp for breath. I can now manage an hour comfortably and I’m looking forward to taking part in my first 10k race.”

Brenda, IT manager

“After my heart attack I was worried about doing any exercise in case I overdid it. Brian gave me the confidence to regain my fitness and help me get back to doing what I enjoy the most, cycling and walking in the countryside.”

Tom, (Retired and enjoying life)

“I met Brian around 2 years ago when he was recommended by a work colleague and running chum. He is not only friendly and very personable but a very good sports masseur. He is incredible knowledgeable about human physiology and has successfully helped me avoid many running injuries among others.
I've had trouble with my knee and it got particularly bad to the point of limping! After his visit the pain and swelling completely disappeared and my knee is better than it has been since it was operated on a year ago. Whatever Brian had done it has worked! Magic hands!”

Barbara Bullock, (Retired teacher and lifeguard)

“Thank you for the excellent and enjoyable way you have helped me get over my heart attack and return to fitness, (in fact, fitter than before). During my years in the prison service I worked with a good many physical exercise instructors. You are as good as them all and better than most! The care and understanding you show in your work is superb and a credit to your profession. Thank you.”

John Stephens, (Retired Prison Officer)

For further information or to make a booking:
Call on 07889 192 094 or e-mail brianbfit2@gmail.com

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